Keeping your enterprise’s data and IT infrastructure safe must be a priority for CIOs.

Cybercriminals always seem to be a step ahead of even the most cutting-edge security measures. It’s a full-time job to prevent breaches and safeguard your organization.The CIO's Must-Have Guide for Cyber Security Training

In this guide, we’ll share the latest cyber security statistics and explain how cyber crime (and cyber security) have evolved in recent years. Then, we’ll tell you why your employees should be your first line of defense, and how even happy and contented employees can pose an unintended security risk.

The key to protecting your data is to prioritize information security and implement some common-sense cyber security measures. With that in mind, we’ll tell you what measures we think are worth investing in and give you some advice about how to create a BYOA policy for your employees.

Security breaches are expensive, and no enterprise can afford to ignore the risks. By the time you have finished reading, you’ll know what steps you can take now to protect yourself – and how Alphanumeric can help you.

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