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Service Desk Ticketing System Software Pros and Cons

Service desk ticketing is a priority for every enterprise. The right triage and ticketing system can ensure high CSAT scores and help build brand loyalty.

Some organizations prefer to use an internal ticketing system to help them manage incoming tickets and improve their performance. We get a lot of questions from clients about choosing the right ticketing systems software. Here are the considerations you’ll have to balance in selecting ticketing software, as we see them.

The Pros

As you might expect, there are some benefits to purchasing ticketing systems software, as opposed to trying to develop one in-house. The up-front expense of purchase and installation may be offset by some long-term improvements in your service and ticket resolution. Here are the pros of using ticketing software.

The platform you choose should help your team handle a higher volume of tickets per day than they could on their own. Many of the most popular systems include ticket management tools, triage, and other capabilities that can improve the efficiency of your service.

Ticketing software is designed to work for multiple platforms. That means you can handle service requests based on keyword usage on social media and other metrics that you set up. Instead of paying for a separate service to track social mentions, you can choose ticketing software that will do it for you.

Mobile support is a must for every enterprise service desk. The top software options allow for seamless service whether the user is on a desktop or mobile device. Some also come with mobile apps to make it simple for users to contact you with the touch of a button.

Tracking your ticketing statistics and data is essential to improving your performance. Your ticketing system should make it easy to order reports, review your team’s performance, and make improvements as needed.

Finally, your ticketing software should improve the quality of your service by making it more personal. Instead of users waiting through a long backlog created by inefficient ticketing and triage, they can get fast service and solutions to their problems.

Those are some significant benefits. You’ll need to shop around for the software that’s best suited to your industry and service needs, but any time and money you put into your new system will come back to you in improved CSAT scores.

The Cons

On the whole, ticketing systems software is a necessary tool for many enterprises, however, there are some potential downsides to consider. Here they are:

The first obstacle to consider is the quality of the software’s knowledge database, or the ease with which you can integrate it with your existing knowledge base. Some systems do a better job than others of accumulating knowledge and making suggestions to users when they submit a ticket. Investing in a system with sub-par capabilities won’t help you.

Another downside to software can be its usability and the learning curve required to adopt it. If your service desk is running like a well-oiled machine, you may experience a (temporary) setback when you transition software.

The goal when you add a new ticketing software should be to improve the customer experience with your service desk. Just as your employees will need time to acclimate to your new system, so will your clients.

Software ticketing systems may not work the same as your current system or seem as natural, especially at first. You should be prepared to encounter some snags as you implement new software.

Finally, any time you buy software, it’s an expense. Upgrading your ticketing software may pay for itself over time, but you’ll need to have the capital to buy it.

Many of these downsides are temporary. You’ll need to weigh the pros and cons to decide what’s best for your company.

Ensuring you have the best fit ticketing system software for your needs is a good long-term investment. The key is to understand the pros and cons and your own needs, so you make the choice that’s most likely to help you and your customers.

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