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5 Critical Success Factors to Measure Your AI & Service Desk Integration

Bryan Reed Dec. 06, 2018

It has become increasingly common for enterprise service desks to integrate artificial intelligence with their existing service models. There are many benefits to adding AI to your service desk, but programming and launching chatbots and other AI solutions is only the beginning.

At Alphanumeric, we have spent a lot of time with clients before, during, and after they integrate AI into the service desks. One of the questions we hear frequently is this:

What are the critical success factors to measure AI and service desk integration?

We want your integration to be a success, so here are the five critical success factors that you can use to evaluate the performance of your AI-powered service desk.

#1: Customer Engagement

Your AI integration will only be a success if the people who need your service desk are willing to engage with chatbots or virtual agents. For that reason, customer engagement is one of the best measures of how well your integration is going.

Low engagement rates may point to issues with chatbot programming or simply to a need for more end-user education about the benefits of using chatbots.

#2: Confusion Triggers

One of the trickiest things about getting users to engage with your chatbots is ensuring that there are as few confusion triggers as possible. Not only do you need to make sure it’s clear to users how to engage with your AI solutions, you also need to program your chatbots and VAs correctly to minimize confusion.

If users are engaging with a chatbot and then opting out before their issue is resolved, that’s a likely sign something confused them. Analyzing the points where users disengage can help you identify problem areas and correct them.

#3: Ticket Resolution

Every service desk should be tracking ticket resolution. It’s one of the best measures of overall success and efficiency. But, when you integrate AI into your service desk, ticket resolution is something you’ll need to evaluate in a new way.

For many enterprises, the purpose of AI integration is to increase the number of tickets the service desk can resolve as well as how quickly they can be resolved. For that reason, it’s a must to compare ticket resolution rates before and after the AI integration. If you don’t notice an increase, it may be a sign that you have additional work to do to maximize the efficiency of your chatbots.

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#4: ROI

Tracking ROI for a service desk might not seem like an obvious thing to do, especially if you’re accustomed to thinking of your service desk as a cost center. However, your AI integration should – if handled properly – drive improvements in efficiency. It can also help you staff your service desk appropriately.

Tracking things like employee hours, ticket resolution, and customer retention can help you evaluate the ROI of your AI-integrated service desk. Ultimately, your investment in AI should save you money.

#5: Customer Satisfaction

Finally, it’s a must to measure customer satisfaction rate post-AI integration and compare them with your CSAT scores from before the integration. Customer satisfaction relates directly to customer retention and ultimately, to profits.

It’s normal for there to be some fluctuation in CSAT scores right after an integration. Users need time to get accustomed to chatbots. But, after that initial period, you should notice an increase in your CSAT scores. If you don’t, it’s a sign that your AI solutions may still need work.

Your AI and service desk integration can be a success if you track the metrics we’ve listed here and use them to improve your performance and customer satisfaction.

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Bryan Reed

Bryan Reed is the Marketing and Communications Director at Alphanumeric.

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