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5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an eLearning Consultant for Your Hospital

Bryan Reed Dec. 10, 2018

Hospital employees, whether they are trained healthcare professionals, administrators, or support staff, require extensive training. Depending upon their job responsibilities, they may need to keep up with required certifications, learn about which regulatory requirements apply to their jobs, or understand how to dispose of medical waste. In addition, practitioners at every level must be licensed and meet continuing education requirements.

Keeping track of all that training is a big job. At Alphanumeric, we offer our eLearning expertise to clients in the healthcare industry every day. If you’re considering hiring an eLearning consultant, you might wonder which questions to ask them before you bring them on board. With that in mind, here are five questions we think are essential.

#1: Do You Have Experience in the Healthcare Industry?

The first question to ask is an obvious but important one. While an experienced eLearning consultant without healthcare experience might be able to do a good job for you, it’s preferable to hire someone with experience that’s directly relevant to the job you’re hiring them to do.

You may want to take this question a step further and ask about specific types of content within the realm of healthcare eLearning. For example, does the person you’re interviewing have experience designing trauma simulations or know about HIPAA compliance?

#2: Which Job in eLearning Are You Most Proud Of?

We like this question because it gives the interviewee a chance to talk about their accomplishments. Along the way, they’re likely to reveal something about their strong suits and experience, and in a way that steers clear of the typical interview questions about their best qualities.

Encourage them to provide details such as which tools and skills they used to complete the job and what their challenges were.

#3: How Do You Approach the eLearning Design Process?

A good eLearning consultant is likely to have a specific approach they use to design training curricula. It can be useful to know, for example, if they:

  • Enjoy consulting with subject matter experts
  • Get involved in storyboarding and other parts of the planning process
  • Expect input from employees who will be using a course or system

Hearing about the consultant’s approach to instructional design can give you an idea of what it will be like to work with them.

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#4: What Have You Done Recently to Expand Your Knowledge of eLearning?

If you’re going to hire an eLearning consultant to help you train your employees, it’s important to find someone who’s invested in their own learning, as well. Continuing education is important in every field. And, eLearning is evolving all the time thanks to emerging technologies.

An unenthusiastic response to this question may be a sign that the person you’re interviewing doesn’t love what they do or thinks they already know everything they need to know. Either way, you should probably look elsewhere to find the right match for your needs.

#5: What Qualities Make You the Right Person to Work with Us?

In the end, the person you hire is going to need to mesh with the employees and culture at your organization. It’s a good idea to find out if the candidates you’re considering have personal experience or passions that make them a good fit for your needs.

The responses to this question should cover more than relevant experience. This is where you want to hear enthusiasm and ideas – and if you don’t, then the person may not be who you want to help you with your eLearning solutions.

Because eLearning plays a big role in the healthcare industry, it’s essential to carefully evaluate any consultant before hiring one.

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Bryan Reed

Bryan Reed is the Marketing and Communications Director at Alphanumeric.

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