If COVID-19 has you taking another look at your
service supply chain locale...

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All of a sudden, global companies are having to choose between
business continuity and economic prudence.

Check out this blog to find out how you can bring your service back to
North America and Western Europe in a cost-efficient, quality way. 

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How will you determine your next locale?
Customer interactions data, language support, compliance and more.

For any localization journey, the story customer interactions data tells is stop number one. From language support to  channels your customers are turning to, to the nature of their requests – these are the foundational requirements that will inform where to go next.

Interactions data
Interactions data
Language support
Language support
Labor laws
Labor laws
Regulations by country
Regulations by country
Moving from globalization to regional localization

We've done it a time or two and we're sharing our checklist with you!

Globalization. A word that just a moment ago was synonymous with economic gains, now also carries with it the weight of a likely or already-seen threat to business continuity.

  • Culture
  • Funding
  • Operations
  • Talent
  • Technology / Innovation
  • Knowledge Management
  • Training
  • Quality Management

After doing this a time or two, we've crafted a pattern that works.
These are the elements core to a successful localization effort.

If you need customer experience operations set up in a new country ASAP, that's our speciality.

If you are more of a do-it-yourselfer, we've taken the time to create a template based on the pattern we use.

We've done it before
Whether you need a Tier-1 triage in 48 hours or full-blown customer experience
operations in 30 days, we’ve got you.

Contact center in less
than 30 days

Tier-1 triage in
48 hours

We have locations in the US, Canada, Portugal, and the UK. And if you need a location somewhere else, we can make it happen fast.

If COVID-19 has you taking another look at your
service supply chain locale, we can help.