Zero interruptions to business, a path forward for sales, or support scaled to meet demand

If you’re trying to respond to COVID-19 like this, we can help.

If you are struggling with interruptions to business, finding a path forward for sales, or meeting spikes in demand for support, we can help.
Business continuity in the face of crisis
Here’s how we can help…
Launch a contact center in 48 hours

In just two business days, we can stand up a fully functioning contact center to support customers and employees.

  • Tier-1 triage, then scale to Tier-2 level
    support and staff
  • Connectivity-optimized, omni-channel
    call center platform
  • Virtual-agent capabilities already

Use cases: HCP and patient support, Coronavirus response center, virtual sales, employee support, overflow citizen support, supplement student and faculty support

Stand up remote operations

If the sudden push to remote strategies has been jarring for you, we want to ease your fears. We’ve proven that if done right, a remote workforce is a more impactful workforce. Our findings...

  • Employees save time and money
  • This transfers to more quality time for themselves
  • More quality time leads to lower absenteeism and turnover
  • Happier, more committed employees leads to increased productivity
  • The bottom line? Higher CSAT. Ours hovers around 97%
Hire, flexibly

Many of you have had to hit pause on filling permanent positions and are relying on the flexibility of contract positions in this uncertain time. Rapid onboarding to meet your needs...

  • Medical writers, HCPs, PharmDs
  • Contact center agents
  • Virtual trainers
  • Learning consultants

Let us help you fill these talent gaps today.

A path forward for sales
Contact center turned pipeline generator
Coronavirus doesn’t have to be a show stopper for sales teams that were used to doing business face-to-face.
Even before COVID-19, our clients were using our contact centers to supplement sales efforts.
Here’s how we do it.
Set up a virtual field support operation

Send out product information

Manage patient enrollment for speciality products

Send out financial assistance information

Use CRM to assign tasks to field for follow-up

Equip HCPs with...

Samples via virtual operation that can scale to meet demand

Information on how to obtain, order, administer drugs

Virtual training for injections

Device education for specialty products

Support patients with...

Information on drug safety, access, treatment, affordability, and support

Information on a specific therapeutic area

Crisis response communications and intake

Scale support to meet demand
Whether you’re in charge of Coronavirus communications for your organization or
providing support for a newly virtual workforce, we’ve got you.
Standing up a COVID-19 communication and
response center

Setting up a response center just like this, well, it’s exactly what we do. And we’ve been doing it for more than a decade. Here are the essentials...

Website with company information to employees, customers, and partners

FAQs and documentation

Contact Center managing intake, resolution, and comms

Cloud-based, omni-channel call center platform able to support spikes in volume

Patient support via accurate information and resources on impact of coronavirus to drug safety, access, treatment, affordability, and support

Agent training on drugs, therapeutic areas, regulations, operations, soft skills

Reporting and analysis fed back to safety, compliance, product, programs, and operations

Supporting your newly virtual workforce

Are your support teams flooded with the barrage of requests coming in from your newly virtual workforce?

Quickly analyze nature and volume of tickets

Identify opportunities for self-service

Knowledge transfer on top issues and resolution, SOPs, and tools

Write articles, FAQs, and other documentation necessary, but not already in knowledge base

Analyze resource needs given the nature and volume of requests

Report on key metrics like first call resolution, time to resolution, and CSAT

Adapt to changing priorities

Front-end virtual assistants help with out-of-control wait times, overburdened channels, and channels you need to shut down to reduce cost.

Did we mention we’ve been focused on business continuity for more than a decade?
We'd love to help you, too.