Launching a Medical Information Contact Center
during a pandemic?

No problem. We've got it down to a science.

See how we hit 97% CSAT for the largest
pharmaceutical provider in the world.
The Challenge

For this client, training the entire medical information team at home and bringing this mission critical service live – 100% virtual – was a first.

And we did it while knocking every KPI out of the park!

Why Choose Alphanumeric...
Service Quality

Our innovation is proven to improve service quality.

Digital Transformation

Our leadership in digital transformation helps realize immediate efficiencies.


Our client wanted a partnership (not a black box), and collaboration is core to how we work.


Our audit came out squeaky clean.

Retention Rate

Our retention rate was 25% better than industry average.


Our CSAT which consistently hovers around 97% is unmatched.

The Solution
Alphanumeric Medical Information Contact Center

Our medical information solutions provide patients, HCPs, and internal sales reps with
information on access, affordability, treatment, and support.

Entrepreneurial culture attracts top talent

We have a knack for drawing in HCPs who are craving the ability to impact patients’ lives. And we grow leaders internally. This combo draws talent that makes a difference.

Experienced agents improve resolution


With an emphasis on injecting PharmDs and experienced call center agents into the frontline, we were able to transform first call resolution and lower abandon rates.

Training model shortens learning curve

Our training model synthesized call volume across a complex landscape of therapeutic areas and drugs to shorten the learning curve and maximize coverage.

Virtual hypercare boosts agent confidence

We empowered agents with cheat sheets, virtual team chats, role play, and online support to make sure they were ready for anything that would come their way.

Human-centered interactions improve quality

We transformed interactions from one-way scripts to an interactive, digitally-powered approach that anticipates real-world scenarios and provides efficient workflows for better resolution.

Remote operations is part of our DNA


While COVID-19 forced many into remote operations, we chose this more than a decade ago as an incentive for great performance. We are pros in delivering virtual contact centers that deliver.

The Results

Week 1, we were doing better
 than the incumbent.

In the first quarter, even though
 call volume increased due
 to COVID-19, we...

  • Improved the abandon rate to 2% (down 6% in just one quarter)
  • Increased the CSAT 14%
  • CSAT is holding steady at 97%!

We'd love to help you do the same. We've got it down to a science!

Remote CX operations became part of our DNA more than a decade ago

On March 11, when the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic, along with so many other organizations across the globe, the Alphanumeric Pandemic Plan kicked into action. 

This included pulling up the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan, for which we do mock runs semi-annually, and quickly assessing how we’d need to adapt it to this surreal situation.

Here we are, months later, and I’ve come off of another call with another customer who is shocked and extraordinarily thankful that we have had ZERO interruptions to our business, which means ZERO interruptions to theirs (at least the portion that we manage).

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