Omnichannel Strategy for
Patient & HCP Experience

Where everywhereness and speed are king and queen.

And digital transformation is the key to the castle

If COVID-19 is the driver for your digital transformation, you are not alone.

See how a strong omnichannel strategy can be the secret weapon to a quick recovery.

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The expedient route to COVID-19 recovery is one with an omnichannel strategy centered on the customer.
The new normal requires everywhereness and speed
How do you ensure a productive virtual workforce, channel-fluidity, and content velocity?
If there’s one thing this pandemic has taught businesses, it’s that we need to tighten our
customer and employee experience.
Newly virtual

Requires modernization of infrastructure and operating procedures

Tech-savvy, channel-fluid consumers

Need smooth cross-channel experience, which means elimination of silos

Customers and employees
in time of crisis

Need access to critical services and information at the speed of crisis

Spikes in customer

Overload traditional channels, requiring balance and automation

Economic impact
of COVID-19

Forces more cost-efficient, automated ways to serve customers

This is what we do.

We’d love to help you do the same.

Digital Transformation is the Key
And we're sharing our method with you!

Whether you're talking CX, workforce productivity, or cost optimization, creating an omni-channel strategy that has impact isn't for the faint of heart. We've been doing it for more than a decade and we're sharing our method with you.

Step 1
Establish a center of excellence to reimagine your customer experience
  • Bring together varied perspectives: legal, compliance, product, content, safety, development, operations
  • Get a sponsor who can navigate approvals in time to have impact
  • Iterate, test, and implement; learn from each iteration and build on it
  • Be nimble, and focused on results
Step 2
Map the customer journey
  • Map out your customers’ patterns using  interactions data as your guide
  • Cut across organizational silos to ensure the customer perspective
  • Do this for each audience segment you care about
  • Make a plan to personalize and improve their experience (Read: Channel)
Step 3
Be relevant
  • Be able to answer what is top of mind for your customers
  • Ensure that messages lead with this
  • Use clear, concise calls to action to drive customers to the information they need
  • Serve up information that keeps the channel and emotional driver behind your customers’ search in mind
Step 4
Measure effectiveness
  • Set testing as a priority
  • Work with your data and insights team to define KPIs and measure conversions
  • Evaluate and refine omni-channel strategy to ensure awareness, education, and adoption goals are met
  • Report up and out to show progress and build momentum
Step 5
Provide 24/7 employee and customer support
  • Respond to the urgent needs of all target audiences
  • Give employees and customers all the help they need
  • Prioritize both strategy and empathy
Download Our Channel Optimization Framework

After a decade of testing and fine-tuning our approach in the real-world, we’ve dialed into a pattern that works. Get the step-by-step guide now.

Build an experience where your customers reign supreme

Out CSAT and Net Promoter Scores hover around 96% and 85%, respectively.

We can help you do the same.

Omnichannel Optimization Solutions
Digital transformation. Intelligent automation. Self-service.

So how do you optimize channels, make sure you are where your customers are, and are able to address what they need?

Here are some good places to start…

Self-service help centers

That provide agents with virtual experts, email deflection, NLP-powered indexbots, HCP chatbots that automate answers for top questions asked of HCPs, and more!

FAQ optimization

That uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning based on your industry’s specific lexicon language.

SMS alerts

To instantly download, complete, and submit key forms.

Virtual assistants

That tap into systems like Salesforce and Veeva Vault for instant access to accurate information.

Social media monitoring

So you can listen, monitor, engage and resolve customer requests that ensure safety, drive strategy, and protect brand.

A Strong Omnichannel Strategy
Can be the Secret to Success